IKAR Global

About us


IKAR Global is an impact holding center for the IKAR family, specifically devoted to media, technology, education and Human Resources.

IKAR Global is devoted to investing financial and/or intellectual capital into current and future leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs around the world and committed to providing equal opportunities regardless of race, gender, or region.

IKAR Global is an international investment hub and global platform for impact driven companies that are looking for strategic global partnerships.

That’s why we created the World’s First Humicorn – A highly effective methodology that uses sophisticated, proven, and tested financial, leadership, and business tools to drive success within businesses and in the lives of individuals around the world.

A dedication to harnessing the ingenuity, innovation, and power of Human Resources across the globe is at the very core of IKAR Global.


Our aim is to upscale business leadership and entrepreneurial education by facilitating accessibility to practical training and professional mentoring from our  distinguished global network. We believe that handing down decades of entrepreneurial experience to the next generation is a gateway to societal betterment.

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